Class Descriptions

 Awaken Your Soul Flow - 60 minutes (All levels) – Start your day off in this warm moderately paced Vinyasa class, exploring both foundational and challenging asanas. Modifications will be given that allows for individual student growth and exploration.

Beginner Basics Flow - 60 minutes (All levels) - Discover your body in this class! This is an excellent class for anyone brand new to yoga. Students will learn the basic postures, modifications, and breathing techniques to provide a solid foundation of yoga practice. You will be amazed how your body works and what it can do! If you're a beginner or a more advanced student looking to get back to basics, give this class a try. The setting is friendly, supportive, and instructional. All levels are welcome!

Breathe & Restore Flow – 60 minutes (All levels) - Pranayama, the regulation of energy through breath, is at the heart of Yoga practice. We will practice a sequence of active restorative postures and supported restorative postures to create an experience of extension, space and quietness in the body, breath and mind. From this state, we will explore further the relationship of the breath in the body, and its effect on our state of being.

Candlelit Soulful Soul Flow – 60 minutes (All levels) – In this class you will be guided on a transformative experience that will balance your body, mind, and emotions. Gentle breathing exercises, mindful movements, and philosophy to strengthen your mind-body connection, minimize stress, and balance out your heart & soul! This practice is for anyone looking to increase their flexibility, activate their relaxation response and enhance their meditation and breathing practice.

Chair Yoga – 60 minutes (All levels) - Students practice while seated in a chair or standing at the back of the chair for assistance. Students receive all benefits of a normal yoga class, all while utilizing a chair as a prop. Chair yoga is great for post-orthopedic surgeries. The chair is used due to the difficulty in getting down and up off the floor. Complicated maneuvers and complex movements are NOT present in this class. Students will learn many yoga postures, breathing techniques, meditation and ways of relaxation with the aid of a chair.

Donation Based Community Yoga – 60 minutes (All levels) - This Donation Only Community class offers a perfect place for new beginners to try out Yoga in a warm and welcoming space, and for long-term practitioners to get back to basics and deepen their practice amongst community. Poses will be explained in detail, and students are given time to find comfort and ease in each posture. The physical asana portion of each class contains: warm-ups, sun salutations, balancing, back bends, forward bends, twists, and inversions - the body will be stretched in all directions, and strengthened mindfully. Suggested donation is $5.

Gentle Soul Flow – 60 minutes (All levels) – Gentle yoga combines gentle movement and soothing breath practices with propped yoga postures. This class is great for those seeking to manage chronic stress or pain, or just slow down and connect with him/herself in a deeper way. 

Meditation – 30 minutes (All levels) - Meditation can provide a break in our busy lives. Its purpose is to make our mind calm and peaceful. With a sense of inner peace and well-being we can learn to cope with life’s challenges and create new opportunities for growth. Come and enjoy these guided meditation classes. No prior experience is needed.

Soul Power Flow – 60 minutes (All levels) – In this vinyasa style class heated to 85-90 degrees, students can expect to dive right into a sweaty, powerful and meditative experience. Reconnect to the rhythm of your breath to find more steadiness and ease on and off your mat. When you quiet an overactive mind, you’ll feel ready to handle whatever curveballs life throws your way. Modifications and variations will be offered to tailor the practice to your individual needs.

Soul Power Hour – 60 minutes (All levels) - This is an energizing class that will engage your mind, body, and spirit! The class will be heated 85-90 degrees to allow a deep opening of the body as well as a cleansing sweat! Upbeat music will accompany this powerful 60 minute flow that will include strength building, core awareness, hip openers, and arm balancing, with the possibility of an inversion mixed in! Free your body as well as your mind in this dynamic class!

Yoga for Kids Series – 60 minutes

6-12 years old (Kids Yoga) - A fun, playful way to introduce your child to the wonderful world of yoga. Little yogis will learn how to hold yoga poses through storytelling, animated poses, songs, breathing, and games. Yoga is a great way to exercise body and mind.

13-17 years old (Teens Yoga) 

The benefits of yoga for Tweens & Teens include:

Improved focus and attention

Relief from anxiety and stress

Increased mind/body awareness

Increased flexibility and lung capacity

Improved co-ordination and balance

Improved body image and self esteem

Yoga is beneficial for all of the systems of the body, but particularly the nervous and endocrine systems, both of which are in transition during the teenage years. The nervous system of today’s teens is particularly stressed as they are constantly "on," with all the electronic multitasking and screen time. Paying attention to balancing these delicate systems is especially important for today’s teens. Yoga is an effective and fun way to do just that. No prior experience is required.

Yoga En Espanol – 60 minutes (All levels) - This is an all-levels Vinyasa class entirely instructed in the Spanish language.

Warm Yin Yoga – 75 minutes (All levels) - This class is restoration for the mind and body and is the perfect compliment to a vinyasa yoga practice. The class focuses on releasing muscular effort while releasing into poses for 3 to 5 minutes. The practice is designed to increase flexibility and mobility in the joints through lengthening fascia in the body. The poses aid in the restoration of energy and seek to dissipate energetic and emotional blockages in order to bring balance to the mind and body. Yin yoga is highly recommended for athletes, especially runners + cyclers as it releases tightness that builds up in the hips, hamstrings, and quadriceps.