Meet Our Instructors



Vanessa started her yoga journey in 2013 in the comforts of her own home and soon began to realize the many benefits that it provided both physically and mentally. At this time, she searched for relatable yogis who reflected her image and realized there was  a void. In 2014, she founded BlackGirlYoga (@BlackGirlYoga), an online community  whose mission is to connect and build a loving and inclusive community. In searching for her own inspiration she designed a space which globally motivates a practice of self-love and self-care. That passion and drive later led her to become a certified yoga  teacher continuing her mission to share in the beauty of this practice with others both online and offline. She completed her 200 hour training with a focus in Baptiste Power Yoga at Hot Yoga Revolution in Cranford under the guidance of Danielle Mojo and Sara  Rosenblatt. Her classes will enable you to reach your utmost potential in an upbeat inclusive atmosphere while connecting mind, body, and soul.

Outside of yoga, Vanessa is a wife and mother and enjoys photography, poetry and running. She has a Bachelors in Economics with a minor in Psychology and works in the investment services industry.



Chiarina completed her 200hr at Hot Yoga Revolution in April 2018. As a passionate seeker of health and wellness she studied medicine until 2017 when she discovered the power of yoga and fell in love with the daily practice, decided to stop her medical studies and enroll in teacher power vinyasa training to pursue her self love and support others to do the same.

''I am honored to be a giver of this practice that continues to awaken, cultivate power and gives me more breath every time I am back on my mat. Let’s explore together our transformation. This practice has changed my life completely and from that I am committed to this breath, passion, and boundless possibility to grow upward and onward.''



Rodney  has over 5 years experience teaching meditation, mindfulness-based techniques, breathe work and yoga to youth and adults. His focus is to provide simple and practical tools for any individual to be guided safely within themselves and shine the light in those  spaces that have been dimmed over time.

In  2014, Rodney co-founded the non-profit organization Konscious Youth Development & Service, affectionately known as "KYDS," whose mission is to create future leaders through holistic interventions. His main objective is to help guide youth, along with their  communities and educators, find balance within their mind, body, and souls. The organization does this by teaching mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating, yoga, social-emotional learning, and so much more.

Under  the KYDS mission, Rodney creates and facilitates innovative programming, such as free summer camps for elementary, middle school students in Asbury Park focused on the mindfulness & social-emotional learning, along with a workforce development program  for high school youth. 

All-in-all, Rodney has always been known for his compassion, honoring of virtue, and unconditional love for the people he serves. He will forever be committed to operating from his authentic self and has dedicated his life to serving humanity with a pure heart.

Certifications: RYT 200hr, Radiant Child Yoga 30-hour children’s yoga certification. Rodney has completed three, ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreats as well as received extensive training on pranayama from Kripalu Institute of Yoga.



I stepped into my yoga journey during college and haven’t turned back since. I discovered yoga as an accessible means to find space in my body, mind and life. I believe everyone has the true power within to be their greatest healer but often need to unveil the layers to uncover it. My classes will take people on a powerful journey to find the space to discover their inner strength and power. I completed my 200 hour RYT with Hot Yoga Revolution in 2018.  







Brayddy Araya holds a degree in physical therapy with an specialty in esthetics and holistic therapies (Reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, and digital pressure amongst others). She is also a Certified Power Yoga Instructor (200hrs from Hot Yoga Revolution). “My love for yoga started 7 years ago and ever since my first class I have been passionate about it. I connected with something but at that time I couldn’t understand it completely. Throughout the years of continuous practice along with my dedication to study its methods is that I finally understood that we are integral human beings. We cannot separate our bodies, minds, souls from our the environments in which we live in. I personally understood the meaning of the word yoga to me = union and connection with ourselves and with our environment around us. You not only practice yoga at the mat, is there where it begins this wonderful practice in which you get challenge, sweat, expand your body, mind and connect with yourself. But you have to apply it and make it part of your day to day activities. Making yoga apart of your routine is when you are gonna understand the benefits of this ancestral powerful practice that can impact your life in an integral and positive way as well as the environment around you in general. I am constantly looking for something else beyond the routine or the running around each day of normal activities. That is why I have dedicated myself to study multiple meditation techniques. I love meditating, eating healthy,  and cooking tasty and healthy dishes where I can show my love. I love nature and animals. I want to share my knowledge and keep learning because we are not a finished product as there is always something else to learn and share. The life philosophy that I follow is that what you share with others multiplies many times over. That is why I invite you to multiply love, positive attitude, light, health, prosperity, and wellness! We cannot change the world completely but we can change, improve ourselves, and maybe in that way the world could be a better place than what we found to begin with. We are the architects of our own lives. We play a very important role on it and I feel responsible for the life I decide to live and who to share it with. This is how I connected to my life purpose and my mission is to be a vehicle, guide, and support to those that have the same goals to achieve an extraordinary life with integrity, wellness, health and happiness and are willing to share that with anyone with an open mind and heart.”

Brayddy AP es doctora en terapia física, tiene una especialidad en estética y terapias holistic (Reiki, aromatherapist, reflexologist, dígitopresion entre otros) instructora certificada de Power Yoga (por la Escuela Hot Yoga Revolution 200hrs) “ desde hace 7 años soy apasionada y amante del yoga, en Mi primera clase sentí que me Conecte con algo, en el momento no entendí con que, solo fue con el pasar del tiempo, la Práctica constante y estudio del Mismo que entendí que somos seres íntegros que no podemos separar nuestro cuerpo, de nuestra mente y de nuestra alma, tampoco separarnos del entorno y comprendí en carne propia el significado de la palabra yoga= que es unión y conexión, Contigo mismo y con el entorno!!!

No es solo en la colchoneta donde vives y practicas yoga, aquí es donde comienza la maravillosa experiencia porque te retas, sudas, expandes tu cuerpo, tu mente, te conectas y te conoces, pero debes integrarla e incorporarla a tu día a día, en tus actividades cotidianas y es ahí donde aprendes a re-conocer los beneficios de esta practicar ancestral tan poderosa que puede impactar de manera integral y positiva tu vida y tu entorno en general! Me considero una buscadora de algo más que lo cotidiano y el

Corre corre que el día a día te ofrece, he estudiando diferentes técnicas de meditación, me encanta meditar, comer saludable, demuestro amor cocinando (rico y saludable), soy amante de la naturaleza y los animales. Quiero compartir todo lo que se y seguir aprendiendo ya que no somos producto terminado, Siempre se puede aprender más, ser más, compartir más y me apego a esta filosofía de vida: lo que se comparte se multiplica, así que multipliquemos positivismo, amor, luz, salud, prosperidad y bienestar!! no podemos cambiar el Mundo pero si podemos cambiarnos y mejorarnos a nosotros mismos y así el mundo cambiará poco a poco y quizás llegue a ser mejor de cómo lo encontramos. Somos arquitectos de nuestras vidas, tenemos un papel Protagonista y me siento responsable de la vida que quiero y con quien quiero compartirla, y con esta visión fue como me conecte con mi propósito y misión de vida así que quiero ser vehículo, guía  y apoyo para quien también quiera una vida extraordinaria, integral, llena de bienestar, salud y felicidad con todo aquel que tenga mente y corazón abiertos” 



Six began her personal yoga journey in 2012 in hopes of finding a way out of the depression that had settled over her spirit. After experimenting a few times at home, her studiojourney began with a solid month of yoga at South Mountain Yoga in South Orange, NJ. She was hooked, feeling the benefits after just a week of consistent practice. Witnessing the shift in energy after a yoga class inspired a commitment to spread this feeling as far as possible. Six completed 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training in August of 2017 under the guidance of Nancy Candea of Yoga Impact Institute and Debby Kaminsky, founder of Newark Yoga Movement. In a class with Six, you can expect a calm and relaxing atmosphere set with essential oils and ambient tunes, a strong, stretchy flow guided by the breath and a short meditation with a personal touch that will leave you feeling strong, relaxed, and present. When she isn’t teaching, Six likes to crochet, make crystal malas, and spend time with her best furry friend Toulouse. She has an Associates in Applied Science – Physical Therapist Assistant and is currently pursuing her Massage Therapy license at the Institute for Therapeutic Massage and continues to teach free community classes each week with NYM, cardio based yoga, and private lessons.